15th week:V.P#2 shooting at restaurant!

I go to restaurant, which is infinitely serve their meat.
our team choose to do interview about meat’s quality and sidedish’s taste.
and it is so nice choice.

ㄴIt is video of us going to restaurant.
I think all of this process-interview, introducing side dish, and give score- is so nice idea and other team member think so too!!
this is our full shot at sam-geop-pok-sik!!

PIZZA & new soju!

I go to ITAEWON for eating PIZZA with girlfriend!!

we have to wait 30 min because this restaurant is so famous!!

but it have worth because it so delicious!!     ^.^/

I eat some greasy food so we go to drink and eat some spicy food!

2nd restorant is wangsimni’s beer bar and we decide to drink new soju and hot_chicken_leg, it called spicy Dak ball.

Date at city hall!SOME relic of the past

we walk around at seoul city hall and we can find some interesting place.

SOME relic of the past chosen dynasty.

and i read about this relic so i can know about this place.

this place is place to manufactureing arms. so i can see many weapon of chosen dynasty(1500~1600). 20160530_190046


and we eat delicious food at OUTBACK steak house.






you can see chosen dynesty’s weapon manufacturing facility.






with YUNA.HEO, my girlfriend.

14th week:V.P#2 shooting at cafe!

Our team member and me go to cafe daldal-hae and we eat so delicious Ice flake.

Actually, I’m very worry about our team project because we can’t choose restaurant to go.

But, we can shoot video easily and it’s greatest contributor is yeung bum Kim.

When we meet for this project, he lead us strongly to his restaurant so we can choose best spot to shooting.


And I interview about meat restorant and tell about bingsoo’s fruit name by korean style at video.

and it is so hard to say what i think at shooting video.

Below video is our shooting scene.

Tasty Road, cheese RIP& CAKE

I think delicious food give us good memory about that time.

so, I post this whole delicious food!!

It is James Cheese Backbone steak!!

or just RIP!

this restaurant is located at hong Univ.’s around.


and this cake cafe is located at wangshimni, near the HYU.

I like it’s cake because it does’n sweet.

It give us SOMETHING different taste!!!

If you want to go this cafe, than you can easily find it at HYU’s Enter6 shopping mall.